Tuesday, August 4, 2015

It's a Crapstorm! It's a Crapstorm!

Over at Deviant Art, all hell is breaking loose about their new Core membership, a double-the-price rebranding of the old Premium membership.  They've literally doubled their premium membership, from $25 to $50, with no added benefits to moderate the sticker shock.

Okay, so why does that bring me back here after all these neglected years?  Simple--I may need a new home for my Snoops while I find some new community in which I can post stories with illustrations, and hopefully get views and replies to my efforts, and what better place than this old bolt-hole?  I'll be posting something up on my dA account soon, with directions on how to get here.  Meanwhile, I'm looking around this old mess of a place and determining what to do with it while Deviant Art crumbles and burns.  They doubled their prices in order to raise revenue to deal with a cash crunch, but will probably find themselves killing themselves as premium members bail out in the face of the staggering expense of the memberships.  I don't think it too far-fetched that dA will fold within a year, leaving me no place to host my Snoops--except here.  I'll be doing some dusting and straightening, and I hope the place will be fit for habitation soon!

Oh, and since it's been so long, and as a bit of a tease for the chapter-illustration project I've been doing over at the soon-to-be-defunct dA, here's an illustration from the prequel tale to my Snoop adventures, The Snowden Snoops.  Who else should be featured but the very first Snowden Snoop I created, Tricia Dwight in Chapter Seven of the story, captured and bound up in a secret cubbyhole in old Snowden High--she's just been found, but is it too late?  Has she suffocated?
Okay, since she has been in nearly every Snoop tale since, we know she survived, but it was still a little spooky, wasn't it?  Let me know what you think!