Thursday, July 18, 2013

Second up...

The Snatched Sitters  is actually the first Snowden Snoops tale, predating the Prequel by some months.  It carried over a few things from its progenitors—in particular one of the aims of the bad guys—but handles them in as PG-13 a fashion as I could.  I’d already made use of the old mining tunnels under Snowden in earlier Abductor tales, and I put them to use again in this debut Snoops tale.  This was the tale in which I first developed Tricia’s and Megan’s characters aside from their cameos in earlier Abductor tales, in particular Little Girl Lost, and changed them somewhat for their new place in the center of the spotlight.  It was also the tale in which I introduced their sidekicks Krysten, Hannah, Amber, and Alyson, all of whom managed to find themselves in damsel-in-distress peril at carious points in the story.  There was much more DiD in this tale than the prequel, so we might have to pick out the best of the best for our vote this time!  To wit…

Which scene do you most want illustrated from The Snatched Sitters?  Check out the link above and check them out!

1) Chapter 2 “Then the Worse News”; antagonist babysitter Katie Simpson discovering she is bound and gagged in a strange subterranean place
2) Chapter 3 “Fool Me Once, Shame on You…”; Krysten hogtied by the Hartman kids
3) Chapter 4 “Hitting Home”; babysitter Brianne Hatcher hogtied in a tunnel
4) Chapter 6 “The Sting”; Krysten bound and gagged watching Tricia being captured
5) Chapter 6 “The Sting”; Tricia being captured and bound
6) Chapter 7 “The Sting II”; Bound-and-gagged Tricia and Krysten being taken to the bad guys’ lair
7) Chapter 7 “The Sting II”; Megan and Alyson captured, bound and gagged, and led to the bad guys’ lair
8) Chapter 8 “Coming Together”; Megan and Alyson put with the other captives
9) Chapter 9 “The Last Moment”; Amber defeated and bound by the bad guys

As always, vote early and often!

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