Sunday, June 30, 2013

Our First Poll Winner Illustration!

Here it is, the first winner of my Snoop Illustrations poll!  From Chapter 5 of The Snowden Snoops Prequel, the "ghost" has rounded up three of our brand-new Snoops in one of the girls' rest rooms in old Snowden High, and is tauntingly wondering to his captive girl-sleuths just what to do with them!
While Megan in her sweater-and-skirt outfit kneels helplessly on the floor, the "ghost" taunts blonde Hannah in her sweater and slacks, and Krysten in her little red top and denim skirt as they hang bound and gagged from a rest room stall!  What evil does he have planned for them?

Don't worry, they all make it out of their first case alive and well!  But that will only lead to an upcoming new poll--this time, for The Case of the Snatched Sitters, which will have even more girl-sleuth-in-peril choices to choose from!  Check back often--the new poll will be here soon!...