Thursday, June 6, 2013

Return to Life...

Okay, okay, not quite as dramatic as Dr. Manette in A Tale of Two Cities, but I've made it back here after more than a year!  Mostly I've been distracted by (besides the always-popular Real Life) the comings and goings at my deviantArt page and the move of the GDIT forum to their new Yuku host.  I've made those changes to my links, and I hope you make good use of them!

Further, I've added a new link for a blog started by an old deviantArt friend who used to haunt those districts, known there as Torpedo585, called the Damsel Preservation League!  Like me, he has a fine appreciation for the damsel in distress, and has a new and growing blog to prove it.  Check it out!

And yes, I have a new poll for a new idea over at dA!  To wit...
If you’ve been following me on deviantArt, or even seen the pictures I’ve been posting at our new Yuku GDIT site, you know I’ve been busily drawing and coloring (thanks to the miracle of GIMP) not only Snoop story faux book covers, but some chapter illustrations as well.  And now that the book cover series is finished (at least until I start a new Snowden Snoop franchise story), I find myself wanting to do chapter illustrations for old tales.  And let’s be honest here, folks—we like peril scenes, don’t we?  Not that I don’t enjoy drawing up illustrations showing my characters not tied up and imperiled, but come on, admit it—we enjoy our damsels distressed, don’t we?

Problem is, which stories, and which scenes, should get the damsel-in-distress chapter-illustration treatment?  I’ve put the Snoops, Junior Snoops, Snoop Mommies, Darius Allen Detectives, and Snowden State Snoops through a whole world of peril, and to try to do them all would make my big old book-cover project look like nothing in comparison!  So…

Let’s start small, shall we?  As in, well start at the Snoops beginning in the Prequel.  And how about a little poll asking which detectives-in-distress scene you would most like see become an illustration?  Well, it’s my blog, so why not?  So…here goes!  For your Snoop damsel-viewing pleasure, we have:

1) Chapter 4 “Cat and Mice”; Brianne Hatcher discovering herself bound to a post in the hidden room, gagged, and blindfolded
2) Chapter 4 “Cat and Mice”; Amber Carson tied to a chair and gagged in the light booth
3) Chapter 4 “Cat and Mice”; Krysten and Hannah tied to a rest room stall frame
4) Chapter 5 “Mice and Cat”; Tricia discovering herself bound to a post and gagged in the same hidden room as Brianne
5) Chapter 5 “Mice and Cat”; Megan, Krysten, and Hannah all bound and gagged in the girls’ rest room
6) Chapter 6 “Ghostbusters”; Alyson, bound and gagged, being forcibly marched down the corridor by the fake ghost.

Check out the poll, and vote early and often!


  1. Many thanks, old bean! It's good to "see" you get active here again ;) And my vote is in on the poll :D

    1. Thanks much! Send your friends at the DPL to vote, too!... :-)